Monday, January 31, 2011

2011: The Year of So Many Things

Loyal blog readers! You're back!

Well, we're back. And blogging. Because it's been a really, really long time. What have you missed? What do we have to catch you up on? Well, if you're reading this, you are most likely already aware that we've set the date and have begun the exciting, wonderful, fun, and only slightly stressful process of wedding planning. August 13th, here we come. tells us that the wedding is a mere 194 days away. 194 days. Away. Holy cow. I've bought my wedding dress, we've got our venue, caterer, and menu, and now there are only three million things left to do.

In January, I took a screenwriting class. Probably not my favorite class on earth, but that's okay. Now it's nearly spring semester, and this will be my busiest semester yet. (I'm taking The Novel, Waterstone: Fiction, and Advanced Fiction.)

Zach and I joined Weight Watchers on New Years, and we're having a lot of success with it. I'm a fan. I'm also a fan of the dark chocolate and raspberry Weight Watchers ice cream popsicles. YUM.

We celebrated our one-year anniversary a couple of weeks ago, and it was awesome. And Zach's awesome. And this whole year has been awesome. We are some very lucky people.

Now that you're all gagging a bit over the level of our adorablosity, I'll let you go. :)

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